Fashion Graduate Internship in Bangalore, India

Fashion Graduate Internship in Bangalore, India

Job description

Role Location: Bangalore, India

What will you get to do while you are interning at Myntra:

As an intern, you would be tagged to one of the fashion & retail teams in the company and you will be working on critical projects based on your area of expertise & interest


You will have hands-on experience, by applying your skills and knowledge to challenging projects and also learn from senior leaders about the industry and market dynamics. You would be mentored by a manager, who will support and assist you throughout your tenure.


A gist of the projects that you could be work on:

Catalogue Innovation: 

Cataloguing product is one the most critical aspect of selling fashion online. Companies around the world focus immensely on building a differentiated POV on catalogue imagery w that would not only differentiate them from the rest of the competition but also provide the consumer with the best and most perfect visual support to help them take the right shopping decision.



Project will focus on:


  • Developing innovative ways of styling
  • Developing newer and innovative formats of cataloguing that will work well for a fashion category with high catalogue volumes
  • Reducing returns on account of catalogue imagery mismatch
  • Bring in a variation in cataloguing for improved international aesthetics
  • Balancing the premium look & feel aesthetics with correct representation of merchandise

Denim Design & Development


Denim is most democratic uniform of today's generation. Versatility of this category makes this as one of the most popular fashion category. While being the most democratic apparel category, it is also the most complex category to manage. Building new design aesthetic that is in line with today's consumers’ expectations and also creating something path breaking is critical to stay ahead of the curve... especially in this category. While most of the brands have denim in their portfolio, there are a very few who actually have the detailed know-how of this category's design & development. It is a specialized area of design & development that calls for a perfect balance in design, fabric, styling, fits & wash development.


Projects will focus on:


  • Designing a range of denim that is built on future evolution of category. Building functionality & responsibility in the line.
  • Innovation around future of fabrics & fits
  • Innovation around building cutting edge denim washes & looks
  • Looking at incorporating technology innovation and build a sustainable angle

Fit Specialist:

Fit is one of the most important & critical aspect of any garment. And it only gets more & more complicated and specialized as one moves from basics to fashion. Today considering that we do not have a standardized sizing format, a lot rides on fit technicians to build the best response possible. Proving right fits is one of the most critical elements of selling fashion on line. This not only responsible for consumer retention and delight but also impact business viability directly. Even in today's scenario, more that 50% of our returns are related to fit & sizes.


Projects will focus on:

  • Understanding the current fit & size issues
  • Understanding consumer profile and building insights that can provide for a democratic solve
  • Use of technology to enable our consumers to fit the best fit possible but having to try physical product
  • Work with private brand business first to create a homogenous solve on standardizing bod
    block and recommend to partner brands in next stage

Print Designer:

Print & patterns are essential part of women’s fashion range. The challenge that any brand faces is having an identifiable print handwriting whilst staying up-to-date with latest trend is. We are looking at building a strong print & pattern language for our women’s western-wear brand portfolio.

Aligned to brand aesthetics, look & feel, refreshed & trend led print direction and delivery of the prints in collection form is what is expected of the project.

New printing techniques and innovation in execution of the prints will be the added expectation from this project.


  • Undergraduate degree in a fashion degree or other relevant subject
  • Strong problem solving and creative thinking ability
  • A flair towards understanding the Indian e-commerce (fashion & lifestyle) space 
  • Ability to collaborate effectively across functions and drive changes and influence departments/stakeholders.